Lab Water Taps

In many cases, the laboratory water taps can be just as important in a scientific and educational environment as gas taps! They are vital in keeping the working area clean and safe, as if this space is dirty, then this can quickly become a safety hazard. Any mess caused could cause a trip or slip hazard or even get into the gas taps which can cause a danger for the people around the work station.

What do our water taps include?
Left Hand/Right Hand Side Taps – We have a broad range of swan neck taps that are available on both the left and right hand side, which means that you can deploy 2 lab water taps at once which means for quicker use, but is ultimately much more convenient.

Quarter Turn – There are also quarter turn options that are available with our range, which again adds to convenience and allows the taps to supply water to specific areas.

Nozzle Range – Our lab water taps are supplied with a variety of different nozzles to customise the water taps to fit your environment. These include fixed serrated nozzles (these are what you would most likely see in schools), removable serrated nozzles (the same as the fixed version, but can be
replaced and interchanged), or a full bore anti-splash nozzle which prevents nuisance splash’s and can be helpful in a quick use.

However, one of our lab water taps cannot be fitted in a laboratory unless there is a tank supply present. If you are unsure if there is a tank supply available in your lab, then check for this before making your purchase. If you know that there definitely isn’t a tank supply, then you can contact your local water authority for their advice on current regulations.

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