Epoxy Resin Single Drainer Sink Sizes

Single bowl single drainer sinktops feature a worktop, sink and drainer which is moulded in one section and as such is totally seamless. Sinktops incorporate a ribbed drainer area which slopes to an integrally moulded sink bowl.

Single drainer units are cast oversize and then cut to the required size, from a minimum of 900 x 600mm up to a maximum of 1500 x 850mm. They are then fitted with edging to make up the required configuration.

Configuring Single Drainer Sink-Units

When ordering please clearly state overall size of unit and whether it is a left or right hand drainer. We will then email a drawing showing the measurements and tap hole (if required) positioning which will require your approval before proceeding to manufacture.

Please be aware that due to high demand the Epoxy range of sinks are currently on a 4 week lead time.

Epoxy Sink and Drainer
To select a sink from the list below click on the Sink-Unit Code.

Sink-Unit CodeLength AWidth BBowl Position C & DSink Bowl SizeWaste Position
SD1000900 to 1000600 to 85080 to 100400 x 400 x 300side
SD12001001 to 1200600 to 85080 to 100400 x 400 x 300side
SD14001201 to 1400600 to 85080 to 100400 x 400 x 300side
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