Lab Gas Taps

Here at Lab Central we provide a range of lab taps that are suitable for both scientific and educational needs. The range of lab gas taps include drop lever, lift and turn and needle valve and our gas taps are also available in a one way, two way or four-way form.

If you require one of Lab Central’s gas taps for use in a strictly scientific environment, our needle valve gas taps would be very suitable for your needs. Our bench mounted taps have sufficient power and can provide enough gas for any scientific reason you may need them for. They are very
will make these laboratory taps easy accessible to provide you with the gas you need, whenever it is required.

If you need a lab tap for any educational or commercial purposes, then you are going to want one that is very durable and is able to withstand some misuse form school children or the general public. Due to the common use, we make sure that our gas taps are made with safety as a priority! This can be seen by our highly visible yellow nozzles that are supplied in order to make people aware exactly where the gas taps are, because misuse of these can have dangerous consequences, so make sure there is supervision available at all times!

We supply both lift and turn gas taps and drop lever gas taps that can control the burning of combustible gases that include propane and both natural and bottled gas. The range of forms that are available from one way to four way mean that we have a gas tap for any kind of environment, so no matter if you only need a single lift for environments when they aren’t in high demand, or a four-way lift if they are in use constantly, Lab Central will always have a gas tap for you.

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