Epoxy Resin Underslung

The standard range of sinks and troughs are moulded complete with a fixing flange in order to simplify fitment and to optimise the integrity of the joint with the worktop.

An overhang (underslung) sink is bonded and screwed to the underside of a worktop with the worktop slightly overhanging the sink opening. This type of fitment is also commonly referred to as ‘underslung’. This fitment is adequate for many general laboratory applications.

The base of the sink slopes to a hole rebated to accept a waste fitting. Sinks can also be drilled to accept an overflow fitting.

Please be aware that due to high demand the Epoxy range of sinks are currently on a 4 week lead time.

UnderslungEpoxy Dimensions
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Sink CodeInternal Length
Internal Width
Internal Depth
External Height
Flange Width
Flange Thickness
Waste C/L from side
Waste C/L from rear
Waste PositionPRICE
SES216016015017028108080Centre£74.00 + VAT
SVS32502001501702812125100Centre£90.50 + VAT
SDS5300200185200311075100End£90.50 + VAT
SA5356254152167296.5178127Centre£122.00 + VAT
SQ6300300200215351015085Rear£108.50 + VAT
SS7350300150165311090150End£117.50 + VAT
SS6350300200215301085150End£119.50 + VAT
SKL7380350200215311019085Rear£134.00 + VAT
SN9400300200215301085150End£134.00 + VAT
SM8 (W)45036813014529922585Rear£125.85 + VAT
SM8450365200218311022585Rear£134.00 + VAT
SM8 (X)450365280295311022585Rear£134.55 + VAT
SR12550365250265351127580Rear£163.55 + VAT
SGL10400400300315311020090Rear£156.30 + VAT
SGR11500400300320351025090Rear£175.15+ VAT
SEL16-DI-A6004503003162510100100Rear£188.20 + VAT
SPL146104062032203711305203Centre£188.20 + VAT
SVL15635381254265296.5317.5190.5Centre£188.20 + VAT