Vulcathene Large Glass Dilution Trap

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Vulcathene Glass Dilution Recovery Trap ( 1 -1/2″ BSP Connection )

Volume 2.3 litres


The 691 trap has a total capacity of 2.3 litres and a 76mm liquid seal.

The clear base of heat resistant, borosilicate glass makes this an ideal choice

for use in waste systems which have to cope with large quantities of solid

waste matter. The trap allows the volume of solids collected to be quickly

assessed and, where necessary, cleared, before they can cause any damage

to the system. It also allows the identification and recovery of valuable solids.

In order to remove the dilution chamber from the trap body, the glass unit

should be unscrewed complete with its flange assembly. The 11/2″ BSP inlet

includes a loose nut coupling for connection to a waste outlet or drip cup tail.

The trap is supplied with a nut and olive to enable it to be ā€˜Pā€™ trap configured

for 38mm pipe. The addition of a W291 38mm bend will change the

configuration to an ā€˜Sā€™ trap.

When installed it is important to support the underside of the trap (at least

76mm above the floor) to avoid weight strain on the pipework and


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Weight15.00 kg


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