Vulcathene Large Glass Dilution Recovery Trap

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Vulcathene Large Glass Recovery Trap

Capacity 4.5 Litres

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The Vulcathene 910G Dilution Recovery Trap has been re-designed and now incorporates a removable lid for easier access and maintenance.

With a 4.5 ltr capacity and 76mm trap seal the 910G has a clear base of heat resistant borosilicate glass which allows for the volume of solids collected to be quickly assessed and,
where necessary, cleared before they can cause any damage to the system.
It also allows the identification and recovery of valuable solids.

The new 910G is supplied with removable lid and gasket seal, both held in place by a stainless steel clamp which can be easily removed for access and maintenance.

Outlet connection is 51mm, with nut & olive supplied. Dip tubes, vertical inlets, horizontal inlets and blanking plugs should be ordered separately.

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