ILS 650mm wide filtration ductless fume cabinet

£1,714.00 + VAT

Whats Included:

LED lighting, low airflow alarm panel, pre-filter and main CARBON or HEPA filter – Oulet filter as an option

Model: FC65A 650mm(W) x 570mm(D) x 1100mm(H)

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The new filtration fume cabinets  offer, superb unrivaled containment at a great price.

The FC65A is 650mm wide and comes with an extra deep carbon or HEPA filter to ensure maximum operator protection from fumes and/or particulate. The size of the filter ensures that important air dwell times are met (critical, but often overlooked in carbon filtration cabinets) but also allows a large workable aperture making any process easy and safe.

To ensure the cabinet is operating in optimal conditions, the unit is provided with an audible and visual low airflow alarm to alert the user to maintenance requirements. In addition, 4 clear sides and an overhead LED light ensures maximum illumination of the working area.

The unit is constructed for maximum energy efficiency and utilises digital low noise, low energy fans along with the LED lighting. This means that during normal operation, the cabinet uses less than 70watts of power!

A choice of filters is provided so it can be matched to your useage, but as part of ILS’s commitment to quality and safety, we ask that you detail the chemicals to be used in the cabinet so before shipping, we can check that the carbon and/or filters are correctly selected for your application. If additional safety is required, then an additional outlet filter can be specified or an outlet HEPA filter can be specified with a main carbon filter so the cabinet can be used for fumes AND particulate.

Please note: inclusion of an outlet carbon filter adds 50mm to external height and inclusion or an outlet HEPA filter adds 70mm to external height.


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