Double Lift & Turn Lab Gas Tap Wall/Panel Mounted

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Double Lift & Turn Gas Tap Wall / Panel Mounted


Double Lift & Turn Lab Gas Tap

Application: Control of burning or combustible gases such as natural gas, propane and bottled gas. Fitting is designed as an alternative to the “drop lever” valves used for low pressure gas applications in the United Kingdom and other markets.

Finish: Furnished with white powder coated finish.

Mounting: Wye fitting with two outlets and removable
locator pins.

Valve Bodies: Straight pattern forged brass.

Headworks: Quarter-turn ball valve construction with chrome plated brass balls and molded TFE seals. Valves lock in closed position.

Handles: Spring-loaded molded nylon handles. Handles lock in closed position. Handles must be pulled up to unlock and turned to open valves. Handle alignment indicates if valves are in open or closed position. Handles are color coded and marked per EN 13792.

Inlet: Furnished with mounting shank, locknut and washer. G1/4 male inlet.

Outlets: Integral (nonremovable) serrated hose ends.

Quality Assurance: Fitting is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. 8.5 bar (125 PSI) test pressure, 5 bar (75 PSI) maximum working pressure.

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