Broen First Aid Kit

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Emergency First Aid Box with Eyewash Bottles

Where water is not immediately available the LAB Emergency First Aid box can provide assistance quickly.

Its contents mean treatment can begin immediately saving time required to move to a fixed emergency shower, before medical treatment.

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First Aid Kit Contents


Emergency First Aid Kit with Eyewash Bottles

The LAB Emergency First Aid box can have its contents configured to meet local needs making it both versatile and relevant to the hazards present:

  1. Rinsing bottle with eyewash solution (to rinse out foreign bodies and for continuous rinsing until medical treatment)
  2. Eyewash bottle with pH neutral solution (for rinsing in the case of injury due to acids or alkaline solutions)
  3. The rinsing bottles are designed to rinse both eyes simultaneously maximizing and speeding the removal of particles and chemicals
  4. Wound cleaning wipes
  5. Wound dressings
  6. When removed, self-opening plaster dispensers
  7. Cooling gel


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