Filtration Ductless Fume Cabinets

The brand new filtration fume cabinets offer first class operator protection. The cabinets are designed and built by engineers in the U.K. to B.S.7989 (British Standard for filtration fume cabinets), and by using our years of experience in filtration development, the best grades of carbon and the largest deep fill filters you can be assured of efficient fume filtration, superb operator protection and total C.O..SH.H.compliance at an affordable price.

All fume cabinets are quick and easy to install. No need for expensive building work or planning permission.
Providing a less expensive alternative due to no exterior ducting or fans being required, making the cabinet freestanding and easy to Relocate..

Through the use of Carbon Filters, they can efficiently filter more than 500 chemicals without the need for ducting. With the abilities of a traditional fume cupboard, the non-ducted system doesn’t bear the high costs of exhausting a Laboratories conditioned air, instead, the air is cleaned before being safely recirculated back into the working environment.
MODEL: FC65A         650MM(W) X 570MM(D) X 1100MM(H)
MODEL: FC85A         850MM(W) X 570MM(D) X 1100MM(H)
MODEL: FC1050A   1050MM(W) X 570MM(D) X 1100MM(H)
Whats Included:

LED lighting, low airflow alarm panel, pre-filter and main CARBON or HEPA filter – Oulet filter as an option

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