Epoxy Resin Drop on

Drop-on sinks are designed to be easily fitted to any type of worktop material. They have self-rimming flanges which will conceal the core layer of a laminated worktop.

The sink is self-supporting on its integral flange and can be bonded in place with silicone sealant or Epoxy Resin grout. The same raised flange has a smooth 45 face to the outside that will allow the user to wash liquids over it but prevent accidental spillage of materials into the sink.

The base of the sink slopes to a hole rebated to accept a waste fitting. Sinks can also be drilled to accept an overflow fitting. Sinks can be supplied complete with a polypropylene waste and overflow if requested.

Please be aware that due to high demand the Epoxy range of sinks are currently on a 4 week lead time.

Drop OnEpoxy Dimensions
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Sink Code
Internal Length
Internal Width
Internal Depth
External Height
Flange Width
Flange Thickness
Waste C/L from side
Waste C/L from rear
Waste Position
SGS2-DO25610815016528612854Centre£73.20 + VAT
SDS5-DO30020020021338885100End£88.15 + VAT
SS6-DO35030020021838985150End£118.60 + VAT
SM8-DO45036520021038922585Rear£130.20 + VAT
SGL10-DO40040030033038720085Rear£156.30 + VAT
SEL16-DO60045030031538930080Rear£188.20 + VAT
Sink CodeCut Out Size
SGS2-DO285 x 135 36 rad.
SDS5-DO337 x 237 50 rad.
SS6-DO370 x 320 36 rad.
SM8-DO480 x 395 36 rad.
SGL10-DO415 x 415 30 rad.
SEL16-DO636 x 486 48 rad.